NFT you can't buy, you can't farm, it has to be won!

Design an NFT, fight for most likes, win an NFT and the prize


How to design an yfNFT?

Go to Design section

You see a list of NFT templates:

You choose a template, create a meme / punchline to design an NFT.

Your NFT appears on the app homepage and can be liked / voted on.

And the end of a wekely round most voted NFT gets created / minted. Winner gets the NFT plus double his payment.

The rest of designs gets discarded.

How much does it cost to design an yfNFT?

First designer pays 10 MATIC and then each next designer pay 10% more. That way the app won't get flooded with too many designs.

How to like an NFT.

Click the Like button next to the best NFT. Your like costs 1 MATIC.

If the liked NFT will be the winning one you are going to win the NFT.

If the liked NFT won't be the winning one, you get your 1 MATIC back.


25th of November 2020 - yfNFT alpha dApp working on Matic mainnet

December 2020 - yfNFT token bridge Matic mainnet -> Ethereum mainnet


yfNFT token is ERC1155 compliant with image being stored on IPFS

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